Improve Customer Service By Reducing On-Hold Wait Times

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improve customer serviceThe dreaded on-hold music, static or that annoying automated voice telling you about promotions – what do these things have in common? They frustrate your client or prospect to no end. Why would you want to put your customers through that?

When a customer calls with a question about their account, putting them on hold for an extended period of time may lead them to believe that your company is disorganized or too busy for them. By using document management software and inherent productivity tools like Accounts Payable automation, you can access their information and answer customer questions in real time. In short, AP automation removes the need for hold music and improves customer services scores.

According to a 2013 benchmark analysis by Ifbyphone, 15% of callers to a company of any size tended to hang up around 40 seconds into the call. This means that 15% of your customers don’t reach anyone when they call due to wait times. This study also showed that the average wait time across all business sizes was 56 seconds.

While 56 seconds is a stretch goal for most companies, adding automation to your AP processing may make that goal a reality. Below are two reasons why document management software will increase your customer service.

  • No more shuffling – Have you ever had a customer call and you were unable to find their paperwork? We’ve all been there, and we have all been victims. By converting hard copies of invoices, contracts, payment history, etc. using a  Document Management System, data can be accessed by a quick keyword search  and client documents are found instantaneously.
  • Vacation management – If your co-worker was out next week, could you help their clients? Do you know his or her filing system? Can you read their handwriting? When co-workers go on vacation, they typically return to emails and voice-mails full of simple questions. Document Management Systems produce information quickly. With user permissions assigned, customer service is never interrupted by an absent co-worker.

Having a Document Management System not only means that a colleague can field calls and emails, but also respond to them in a timely manner. Don’t put your customers on hold! Implement document management software today.