Lee-Smith is Headache-Free with DocStar Document Management Software

With each new year, businesses experience new challenges – and new headaches. However, the sales, accounting, parts/services and HR departments at Lee-Smith, Inc. will not be suffering from challenges related to inefficiency in  paper-based processes, lack of collaboration or inadequate customer service.

Lee-Smith implemented DocStar ECM document management to manage over 75 years of customer documents to improve time management, reduce warehouses full of filing cabinet & storage space and cut both hard and soft costs.

With DocStar ECM, those are problems of the past. “We’ve eliminated at least 70% of our file cabinets and are working on at least another 20%. By the time we are done, we will virtually eliminate our paper storage costs & paper-related expenses,” noted Jeff Berger, VP Business Operations and Technology at Lee-Smith, Inc.

After paper files are scanned and entered into DocStar ECM it is easy for them to be indexed, searched and retrieved. This has improved customer service’s ability to handle client inquiries and expedite time to resolution.

If a customer inquired about a work order, we had to hang up, go to the warehouse, locate the right file cabinet and documents. By the time we returned the call with the information, it could be hours or even days later,” said Berger.

Now, instead of having to hang up the phone when a customer calls, we can search DocStar eclipse by any number of fields like work order number, VIN or customer number and just pull it up right on the screen – turning what used to take hours into a minute without having to leave the customer on the line or call them back.

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