Keep Your World Intact with a Cloud-based Enterprise Content Management System

disaster recovery

In 2003, Simon Winchester regaled audiences with a New York Times best-selling fiction entitled Krakatoa: The Day The World Exploded. He notes some of the “more obscure risks” associated with subglacial eruptions that of which result in flooding and tsunamis. Today, we find ourselves staring down the coastlines in anticipation of yet another dangerous hurricane season, hoping OUR world doesn’t explode and we ask, “How do we survive?”

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If you own a business along the Atlantic or Pacific coasts, it is likely that you have weighed most of the risks associated with catastrophic scenarios. You buy more insurance, you develop a financial plan to subsidize recovery costs. You may have even backed up that plan and other critical documents at an off-site location nearby. But are these precautions enough? Jeff Frankel, VP of Marketing at DocStar, affirms in his article on CloudTweaks, Could Your Business Survive If Your Office Space Didn’t?, the best way to minimize risk and promote business continuity is through the use of a fully integrated, cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

The greatest benefit of a cloud-based document management system is that it can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Organizations leveraging cloud ECM technology don’t have to worry about physical documents stored in filing cabinets or at an off-site location. Using a secure online platform, business will continue to operate using any Wi-Fi enabled device – regardless of the weather conditions. Your business workflow can continue across the country while keeping your data secure.

In times of disaster, we may find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature, but therein lies the opportunity to prove the resourcefulness of human nature. Staying one step ahead of these uncontrollable forces, and potentially your competition, can be the determining factor of your company’s success. Let a cloud based ECM system help keep your world intact and provide the competitive edge you need to survive.