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Living in the Clouds

Category: Blog

Cloud is the newest frontier in information technology, prompting many front runners to go from “we’ll run our own” to “they can run it better.”  Unfamiliar with this innovative product?  Essentially, it is the alternative to storing software on an in-house hard drive or server.  Instead, companies are able to access the software via the Internet, frequently resulting in lower costs and increased productivity.

In fact cloud computing is the top priority for CIO’s in 2011. Gartner did a survey of over 2,014 CIOs representing more than US$ 160 billion in spending across 50 countries and 38 industries.

CMSWire commented that

Gartner’s findings indicate that cloud computing has moved beyond the “sexy trend” phase into the mainstream. Even conservative organizations are beginning to embrace the cost savings and rapid technology adoption that the cloud can offer. According to Mark McDonald, group vice president and head of research for Gartner Executive Programs,

“are well-suited for this budget reality, as they offer similar service levels at lower budget costs.”

A major player among cloud operators is Amazon, as attested to by Werner Vogels at the UBM TechWeb event at Interop New York held earlier this month.  Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has certainly improved upon the cloud since its first inception.  Among a vast array of beneficial characteristics, EC2 offers you complete control of your instances, a highly reliable setting (99.95% availability agreement, according to their website), and inexpensive payment options including pay-per-hour and auctions for unused capacity.

Some of the other biggest name cloud-ers include RightNow Technologies (recently purchased by Oracle), SuccessFactors, Cornerstone OnDemand and NetSuite.  All four of these companies are tipping the scales in their valuations, as Cornerstone’s latest quarter revenues spiked 64%.  If you’re curious about clouds, we strongly urge you to jump on board this popular trend and do a bit more investigating!  You’re bottom line may really appreciate it.

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