New Year’s Cheers to Crescent Crown & Smart AP

image: shutterstock
image: shutterstock

New Year’s Eve is approaching and plans are being set. You find yourself standing in front of a fridge at the beer store gazing upon rows and rows of grainy nectar. Decisions, decisions. Yet, we are generally unaware of why we have so many choices in front of us. How do they even get here? What does it take?

Admittedly so, we don’t need to ask these question as distribution companies like Crescent Crown handles the logistics of your beer buying experience. Crescent Crown is the 11th largest beverage distributor in the United States and sell over 26 million cases annually. This multi award-winning company strives to “always perform as a nationally recognized leader, establishing the standards by which all others are measured.” For such a mission, Crescent Crown needed to first master their own logistics. They created “the perfect six pack” focusing on a powerful portfolio, customer focus, tools & tech, efficiency, their employees and above all, having a good time.

It was at that point, Crescent Crown turned to DocStar AP Automation with Microsoft Dynamics GP to fuel their fire. With DocStar ECM AP Automation, they were able to master their front end and back end operations to provide us all with the thing that matters most…choice. And to that we say, CHEERS!

Happy New Year’s, from us at DocStar!