The Cost of Not Updating Accounts Payable Technology

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If you have ever been concerned about the cost of not updating the technology used in your business, have you ever considered the cost of not updating it? When Collier Restaurant Group initially approached DocStar, their existing platform was creating more trouble than it was worth.

With nearly 600 employees, the firm owns and operates 14 establishments under six different brands, including nationally recognized names such as TGI Fridays, Golden Corral and The Melting Pot.

As Collier’s CFO, Royce Pruitt, explained, “The initial platform was falling down, crashing all the time. It was given to us by a reseller. He’d taken a CPA software package and made some modifications to make it work for us. But it wasn’t designed for the volume of scanning we were doing.”

And therein lies the problem and cost of not updating a workflow system. Because of both the high volume of scanning and poor search design, the Collier’s system routinely crashed. When crashes occurred, someone from their internal IT team would be called restore the system from the crash. “This process took 15-30 minutes each time and it often required server reboots,” Pruitt stated

With more than 100,000 documents in their existing AP database and processing 20,000 invoices annually, Collier was focused on AP document processing efficiency. DocStar’s Intelligent Data Capture feature is able to capture an invoice image, extract key metadata, and subsequently push that information to a Microsoft Access Database driven Inventory Module and simultaneously route the invoice to a secure DocStar secure repository for archival.

Together, the image capture and search functions allow Collier’s AP department to maintain a smooth workflow and increase efficiency in all tasks relating to archived and incoming invoices.

Read the full story of how the Collier Restaurant Group now saves 50+ hours per week by eliminating the downtime that the ineffective platform was causing.