ECM Provides an ROI of $7.50 for Every Dollar Spent | Nucleus Research Note

For the past 15 years, Nucleus Research has been tracking and reporting on the content management space.

In this latest Research Note, Nucleus reveals that companies investing in modern Enterprise Content Management solutions (like DocStar) reap a return on investment of $7.50 for every dollar invested, up 23% from analysis they conducted in 2012.

Organizations using ECM are able to take advantage of the features with its lower entry costs (especially in cloud-based applications) and adoption in all areas of the business as well as externally through ECM provides high ROI research notepartners, customers, and vendors for an even deeper return on investment.

Several areas have impacted the buyers’ return on investment. For example:

  • ease of use & scalability
  • application delivery
  • improved search & text analytics
  • collaboration
  • intelligent data capture

“ECM has come a long way from the costly, consulting-intensive deployments of the late 1990s. With more sophisticated and demanding buyers and advances in application delivery and breadth of benefit, companies are simply getting more from their ECM investments,” said Rebecca Wettemann, VP at Nucleus Research.

Want to read more? Read the press release and download the report on Nucleus Research’s website (subscription required).