Going Paperless in Your Medical Practice

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Guest blog by Megan Webb-Morgan

The onset of the digital age has made it easier for customers to manage their bills and make payments on multiple accounts. Traditional paper billing statements are becoming increasingly obsolete as providers switch to online billing – and this remains true for the medical industry, as well.

As a medical practice, you may have already taken much of your medical software to the cloud. However, you should also consider providing online services for your patients that include electronic billing and email alerts. Not only will it help your patients pay their bills on time but allow them to make educated decisions about their insurance and health care needs.

Online Patient Portal

Providing your patients with an online patient portal can help them better understand their care and budget for future medical visits. With itemized statements, customers know exactly what they’re paying for and why, and will help ensure that they continue to budget their medical costs appropriately. These benefits pass on to you, as more patients will likely be able to pay their bills on time.

  • This transparency in your billing practices can help you resolve billing or errors quickly and efficiently.
  • Historical payments can provide patients with information about insurance rates and fees.

Electronic Billing

According to Medical Economics, “Only 5% of patients say they are making healthcare payments online, but 70% say they are interested in doing so.” Electronic billing can help your patients balance their budgets, as many other services – such as cell phone bills and electric bills – now offer instant electronic payment options. Nowadays customers don’t want to have to wait days or weeks for their check to arrive at your office and clear with the bank.

  • Provide your patients with a secure, easily navigable electronic billing portal. A mobile version of your billing portal can help busy patients pay their bill from anywhere.
  • Be sure to give your patients access to their payment history. Allow them to make full or partial payments of their bill so that they can pay down a high balance in several smaller chunks.

Email Alerts

Automated email alerts generated by your online portal can help your patients and your practice in a variety of ways regarding billing, insurance, appointments, and more.

  • Alerts remind patients of approaching due dates and can help more of them pay their bill on time.
  • Your online portal can also send alerts to your patients when a pending payment applies to their account, when a new charge appears, or when there is a message in the portal requiring a response.
  • Alerts can even be customized to remind patients of appointments or the need for medication refills.

Utilizing customer-centric technology in your medical practice can be very advantageous to your practice and your patients. Convenient options for paying copays and bills encourage customers to pay their bills on time and avoid late fees. While paper billing still exists, it continues to be an inefficient means of managing the billing process and patient care. To ensure the health and success of your patients and business, it’s wise to consider going paperless with online options.

Megan Webb-Morgan is a web content writer for Resource Nation. She writes about small business, focusing on topics such as cloud based software.