Restaurant Group Improves Workflow Processing with DocStar Document Management

Human Resources, Accounts Payable and IT benefit from ECM 

The Collier Restaurant Group owns 14 establishments with 600 employees and operates under six different brands. They used several different document management platforms in their more than 40 years of existence, but they hadn’t found one that could keep up with their growing number of operations.

Due to the immense amount of scanning they were doing and the systems’ incompetent search function, their previous system kept crashing, forcing someone from the IT team to reboot the system every time it happened. In addition, they wanted to integrate each restaurant with their accounting software.

One of the reasons Collier choose DocStar document management was they were able to integrate with Collier’s installed database, which other document management systems were unable to do. This allowed them to upload legacy data.

Implementation of DocStar content management was extended throughout every department. Human resources was better able to manage employee files and the increasing volume of health insurance documents. Accounts payable sped up processing and allowed the main office to instantly manage invoice and purchasing data from all the restaurants. With more than 100,000 documents in store and at least another 20,000 being added annually, document management and accounts payable software was a must.

Time savings, increased compliance and improved security have led to a great Return On Investment. More than 50 hours are saved each week from system uptime, additional document image processing, and more efficient workflow.

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