RF-CUNY Improves Collaboration with DocStar ECM

RF-CUNY Success with ECMRF-CUNY Collaboration  – The Research Foundation of the City University of New York serves the nation’s largest urban public university. The foundation has roughly 12,000 employees who serve in a variety of functions throughout CUNY’s 24 colleges, professional schools and off campus sights. The RF’s main function is to offer flexibility and respond quickly to the changing conditions and requirements of its many sponsors.

Here at RF-CUNY we handle all the administrative functions associated with grants management so our researchers can focus on what they do best — research,” said Renato Rodriguez, Assistant Director, Business Systems Analysis for RF-CUNY’s Systems & Information Services Department. “We manage all aspects of grant management including human resources, payroll, legal, finance and purchasing. If a researcher needs to hire an employee or purchase equipment – we review and handle the transaction to ensure that it meets regulatory, sponsor, Federal and State guidelines.

RF-CUNY needed to cut costs, improve efficiency and reduce the bottlenecks that came as a result of managing the mass of paper documents produced by the foundations many departments. They wanted to reduce the physical storage space as well as make it easier for employees to access and retrieve documents from any of their locations.

As a result of implementing DocStar Document Management, RF-CUNY was able to reduce their paper burden as well as improve their workflow and increase operational efficiency by storing project-related documents in a central location. The human resources department used DocStar to scan, store and retrieve employee documents across the entire enterprise. For increased security, documents have restricted access and are equipped with audit logs that can be reviewed by managers.

The DocStar system’s integration tools have had a terrific impact on productivity,” says Rodriguez. “Previously, we had documents like contracts that had to be sent back and forth for approvals and then scanned into the system. By utilizing DocStar’s Web Services, we can now take documents from our in-house systems and store them automatically in DocStar. We eliminated the need for the scanner in this specific instance and freed that employee’s time to focus on the more pressing needs of our research teams.

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