Tassey Group Implements DocStar ECM to Improve Efficiency

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The Tassey Group is a comprehensive financial services firm that isecm financial services tassey group strongly committed to helping their clients improve their long-term financial success. They act as a general managing agent for one of the country’s largest and most innovative insurance underwriters. The Tassey Group is the “face” of the insurance company for the 300 independent brokers that sell the policies, providing a host of marketing, education and application processing services, which brokers need to be effective.

According to Michael N. Chambers, a principal of the agency, “An incredible amount of follow-up goes on during processing policy applications.  We are always going back to the broker for more information, such as medical records and child ages, and they are calling us to check the status.  So we’re always referring to the application file, and a day rarely goes by when we don’t pull 20 to 25 files.”

Before they implemented DocStar ECM, the Tassey Group navigated mountains of paper manually. Documents that had been photocopied were filed and some of the files included large documents, such as medical reports up to 80 pages long. The files also included illegible handwriting and poor quality copies.

With help from DocStar partner, PIF Technologies, signed applications and other documents are now scanned into the DocStar solution – the manual step of printing hard copies and dialing fax machines are now eliminated.

The powerful automated search and retrieval capabilities in DocStar ECM has allowed the agency staff to quickly locate and view documents, and since the solution is on their network, it can be accessed at any time, on any device.

“We immediately saw how we saved time in responding to customer requests, as well as headaches,” Chambers said.  “While competitors boast about one-day turnaround, we can deliver quotes by fax within two to three minutes.”

The Tassey Group saw an increase in efficiency and a decrease in operating expenses. They also reduced copy and copier-related expenses – previously running at an annual volume of about 40,000 copies to virtually zero.

It was a painless installation, and their ability to respond to customer inquiries became faster because they can now electronically search for information. “I learned how to use the system in a couple of hours.” says Chambers. “Everyone’s job is a little bit easier.”

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