Weekly Roundup – ERP boosts quality & profitability, automating IT & Gartner’s Cloud

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How modern ERP solutions boost product quality and profitability

There is no doubt ERP will improve a business’ efficiency when implement properly. Still, how do ERP solutions improve product quality? With modern ERP integrating with full business processes, start to finish, product quality generally improves
success-graph_smllrsince ERP is following the process’ development entirely.

“More and more industry is now creating more personalized product, which may be made to order, or designed/engineered to order. Other products need to be subject to traceability through the value chain and may be subject to additional criteria such as shelf life, chemical composition etc.

With the latter category, considerably more information is required to be held against the product as it moves through the plant – again the ERP system becomes the repository, control and reporting tool.”

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Automation software: the ‘universal remote’ for enterprise IT

IT departments implement numerous different automation software solutions, from AP to ERP to document management. The typical IT department has three solutions running at once.

However, having all these solutions running at once can be overbearing to an IT department. Considering the automation solution is implemented for a reason, a business and its IT department needs to understand which software should be implemented and which software would be redundant to implement, leading to the software clutter.

“IT automation allows IT professionals to save time and money by automating repetitive, time-consuming manual processes and proactively managing alerts and notifications. This helps the company improve resource utilization and increase productivity. Workload automation allows IT teams to eliminate manual administration and reduce associated errors while improving IT department agility.

The key is to find the right workload automation solution, one that functions as a universal remote by simplifying business process automation and removing complexities.”

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The cloud according to Gartner guru Daryl Plummer

According to Gartner, 78% of businesses plan to increase cloud spending by 2017, which is emphasized by the current interest in the cloud. While the demand seems to be high, only 4% of total IT spending goes into the cloud, so enthusiastic businesses are still hesitant about diving right in, whether it is because of finances or security concerns.

“While interest in cloud is high, moving to the cloud is a long, slow journey for large enterprises. According to Gartner research, 90% of respondents to a recent survey said they are doing some form of cloud computing. And 78% said they plan to increase cloud spending through 2017. In fact, one-third of IT spending on services goes to cloud-based services. But cloud is only 4% of the total IT spending, which means companies are dipping their toes into cloud, but aren’t diving in by any means.’”

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