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What does 1500 invoices per month mean to AP Automation?

This article goes over just how much time one can save with AP Automation. 1,500 invoices is the benchmark that one full time worker should be able to process per month. “There are soft dollar time savings and hard dollar time savings. The difference between the two are soft time savings is that time that Accounts Payable Automation impacts but does not completely eliminate. The example I always use is coding and approving. With paper you code and approve and when you are automated you will code and approve. Hard time savings, on the other hand, are those tasks that automation eliminates 100%.”


Gartner: Today’s on-premises ERP systems will soon get the ‘legacy’ label

Could cloud-based ERP completely take over for on-premises ERP? According to a recent Gartner report, within ten years, cloud-based ERP should be the main system. “The notion of a single, integrated ERP system to handle a company’s every need is being replaced by the emergence of cloud point solutions that deliver functionality business users want that the IT-controlled and centrally-mandated ERP megasuite previously struggled to deliver.”