Weekly Roundup 042114

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Now that the weekend is over, check out some of our favorite articles from last week.


ERP for Manufacturing & Distribution | Focus on 3 Areas to Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors and Increase Efficiency

This article goes over the important areas of a business to consider when increasing efficiency and productivity, such as leveraging current technology and streamlining communications across multiple channels. “Small to medium size businesses can take advantage of the same opportunities the manufacturing and distribution leaders have by leveraging the right technology systems. After all, industry leaders were once a small business, too. Getting the right systems in place now can mean smart growth and increased profitability. Start by reviewing your internal processes and developing a plan to reduce ineffectiveness.”


AP Automation Is Only Good If… 3 Things

If you’re ready for AP Automation, consider the factors mentioned in this article. It discusses what you will need, at the minimum to succeed with AP Automation plans.

The new definition [of AP Automation] is rooted in action, explaining the impact of AP Automation. That’s not the best thing, however, the best thing is the new definition is something that is easily understood and can (just as easy) be explained to others when asked. The new definition is, “Account Payable Automation is only as good as the people, time and effort it frees up.”


It’s Complicated

The author of this article discusses how integration of software with other processes in the financial department can make working with upgrades in technology simpler, based on a recent survey. “Integration, as it turns out, is a big step toward establishing data reliability. The survey, in fact, found a strong correlation between enterprise-wide systems integration and the accuracy of financial data from operating units and subsidiaries. By reducing the level of manual intervention required to collect and consolidate such financial information, companies are also improving its quality.”