Weekly Roundup 51914

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Miss any articles we shared last week? If you did, here’s your chance to catch up.


Why and How to Create a Small Business IT Budget

In honor of Small Business week, here is a blog post that discusses important tips that can help a small business that is trying to plan the right IT budget. “If you’ve created a budget before, that’s a great starting point. If not, gather all the data that you have about your IT investments, costs, and any trends that might inform your expenses for this year. Don’t forget to reference your business plan, this will outline the areas that need IT support for the coming months.”


Four ways the cloud can help power business success

This article discusses the reluctance some CFOs have when making changes to the IT department. While upgrading technology is inevitable with the constant introductions and improvements made to AP Automation software, for example, CFOs simply view these IT costs as expenses, rather than beneficial investments. “Many CFOs view IT as an expense to be controlled. But investments in IT can increase company profitability through revenue growth, not cost reduction, and have a higher return on average than advertising or R&D. And in today’s increasingly digital world, IT excellence is a critical imperative for enterprises to survive and thrive.”


Will your new ERP system be a success?

When dealing with a new ERP system, everyone involved wants to know if it will be successful. While that cannot be determined until everything is implemented, this article goes over the measures of success that can help a business analysis of the ERP along the way. “Project Objectives alone should not drive a decision to implement a new ERP system. At best they are an indicator that opportunities exist to make improvements – once identified these improvements can be expressed as Business Objectives. Measuring system success on the basis of achieving the Project Objectives amounts to little more than a sigh of relief when the implementation is complete. Of course, Project Objectives have to be achieved but by themselves they do not provide any measurable benefit to an organization.”


DocStar ECM AP Automation on Display at TAPN Conference

Finally, don’t forget to join us this week at TAPN’s 4th Annual AP & P2P Leadership Conference at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa in Walt Disney World from May 19-21. We will be displaying our DocStar ECM AP Automation. Hope to see you there!