Weekly Roundup 060214

Category: Blog

With a shorter work week last week, you may have lost some time to read any articles, so here are a few of our favorites.


Three Ways to Make the Most of Your ERP Investment

This blog post discusses ways to maximize the benefits and results of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software investments. A recent report by Panorama Consulting reports that 66% of respondents failed to realize more than half the expected benefits from their ERP projects. “That’s a whole lot of wasted potential. ERP systems can help streamline operations and improve workflow if used to their full potential. If you have an ERP software system in place already, there are a few ways to make sure you are getting the most out of it.”


Why ERP customers don’t care about cloud (right now)

ERP customers want choices with their ERP system configuration but there can be rational reasons why the customers do not switch to cloud when given the option. “Lee Prout, senior software sector analyst at UK-based MegaBuyte, told CBR he saw the new approach indicative of the changes to traditional software being wrought by the cloud. ‘The introduction of cloud technologies has led to a change in the software model. However, at the regional level, this is occurring at different rates, with the US clearly ahead of Europe in terms of cloud adoption. With this in mind, I see Sage’s new flexible (subscription or perpetual license) but significantly simplified pricing structure as a way to please both early and late adopters of the new software era.’”


Which Came First: The Innovation Process Or The Software Tool?

The author of this article stresses the importance of designing your own innovative process before implementing the newest software. “Being strategic does not mean attempting to “boil the ocean” or driving the best new tool that has been mandated from above. Marry a comprehensive knowledge of your desired future-state process, people, and culture to ensure that business objectives are met and the software is adopted as an enabler for improved business performance. Create an innovation improvement roadmap that maps both process and tool pathways toward your desired future-state. But don’t stop there. Identify critical milestones where software can enable the next level of performance. The most successful companies define a transformation vision and take an incremental approach to implementing software as an enabler for their journey with an unrelenting focus on business results.”