Weekly Roundup 080414

Here are a few articles we shared last week to check out again (or for the first time if you missed them)


Legal-Ease: The Benefits of Document Management for Law Offices

In our most recent blog post, we go over the importance and effectiveness of document management software in law firms. Simply implementing this software can give a law firm much needed assistance with better security, a reduction of storage costs and more.

“Today, the protection of confidential information is considerably more difficult. Lawyers store a range of information in the ‘cloud’ as well as on smart phones, laptops, flash drives, and law firm networks. Information that should remain confidential can easily be lost or stolen, hacked, inadvertently sent, intercepted while in transit, and even accessed without permission by foreign governments or the National Security Agency (NSA). Put simply, the duty of confidentiality is now a lot more complicated than knowing how to use a lock and key.”


Uncovering Cash and Insights from Working Capital

As with all businesses, working capital is vital. However, how can working capital be used to its fullest extent? One of many methods is process automation, such as routing documents or managing Accounts Payable.

“Repeating that process manually isn’t practical — indeed, we’ve seen more than one company’s efforts to improve working capital falter when the process of gathering the data was too demanding to execute on an ongoing basis. Ideally, managers should build data collection into their core IT processes. Those who can draw on a single integrated system to automate the process will have an easier time of it.”