Weekly Roundup – 19

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Fix Your Broken AP Processes – Now

In our most recent blog post, we discuss the importance of automating a business’ AP process. There are numerous benefits to AP automations that CFOs and Controllers do not consider, beyond what is commonly discussed.

“Taking the time to automate your AP process can not only answer the need for a powerful, cost-effective solution to several business accounting challenges, you can also increase speed and accuracy, reduce error, and expedite problem-solving for your specific invoice management process. Taking the time to implement a new way of managing complex tasks allows you to reduce pain points for your staff while creating opportunities for improved financial performance, oversight and team communication.”

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7 Pain Points For Document Management

We love document management. The benefits it brings a company are well worth the investment. However, with all positive things in life, there are bound to be a few issues that can arise. Here are a few “pain points” of document management that are important to keep an eye on.

“Even in those companies that have actively tried to manage the content sprawl, the number of repositories continues to grow. The study found that 60 percent of organizations report content growing at a rate of a least 100 percent per year. The problem is that as more technologies are being used and more content comes into the enterprise more repositories are being created without adequate management, or metadata management, meaning more and more content is not trackable — what is increasingly referred to as dark content.”

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