Weekly Roundup – Cloud improves efficiency and reduces costs, AP Automation expands ERP & Disaster Recovery

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Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day. Now enjoy our favorite articles from last week.

Top Three Ways the Cloud Improves Efficiency and Reduces Cost

In a recent blog post, we discuss ways the cloud helps your business improve efficiency and reduce costs. From improved internal efficiency to greater visibility in investments to low cost security, an investment in the cloud will help your business immensely.

“Cloud-based productivity and document management software allow access to the same information from across the globe – ensuring everyone from sales and marketing to finance and customer service all have access to the same information – simultaneously. With the accessibility of cloud technology, your team can literally work together from anywhere.”

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How AP Automation Expands the Return on Investment of ERP

AP Automation and ERP systems basically go hand-in-hand. In order to have your AP Automation process fuel the benefits of ERP, the proper AP strategy must be in place, along with proper employee support and the right software.

“Done correctly, AP automation supports the entire process, from invoice receipt and capture to review, approval and payment. Effective AP automation systems securely capture, process, and route your invoices automatically – from one database. Invoices can be indexed, classified, and via workflow rules, funneled directly into your ERP – eliminating the need for double or even triple data entry. Intelligent document data capture can automatically recognize and assign vendor ID, GL and other ERP codes. By handling an invoice once, you can automate the review process– significantly reducing human error, saving time and increasing profitability by eliminating late payment penalties and improving your ability to capture early payment discounts. AP automation can also help improve vendor relations and customer service.”

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: Putting Your Plan in Place

Preparing for the worst may not be everyone’s favorite task when planning, but it is a vital part of the process. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning are two areas that can save a business during a period of power outages or worse.

“To prepare for the worst, there are two areas that you need to address. One is Disaster Recovery (DR) – the processes put in place to prepare for everything from power outages and natural disasters, to terrorist attacks. Systems to manage data backups, data recovery processes, access to information stored offsite, including online and physical storage, are all integral components of a DR plan. The second area is Business Continuity Planning (BC). Implementing policies and procedures that can help keep the most important pieces of your business running, ensuring your employees know where to go in the event of an emergency, and how to access their documents and applications are critical components to a full business continuity plan.”

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