Weekly Roundup-Best Places to Work Award, ERP Integrated with Business Analytics & Social Media Blends with ERP

Astria Solutions Group Named Best Places to Work 2014 by Albany Business ReviewBPTW-Logo_2014-200

For the second year in a row, Astria Solutions Group has been named one of 30 Best Places to Work for 2014 by the Albany Business Review.

“’We are thrilled to be named Best Places to Work for the second consecutive year,’ commented Astria President and CEO Thomas Franceski. ‘It is our mission to deliver fantastic customer experiences and to provide a work environment for our team that allows for the freedom and flexibility to accomplish that goal. This award is not just an award Astria Solutions Group; it’s an award for our every member of our team.’”

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Analytics Playing Greater Role in ERP

ERP systems are being built with analytics in mind. Considering many businesses feel they need to integrate a business intelligence system (BI) with their current ERP system, purchasers of ERP software are also buying business intelligence systems. As a result, certain ERP vendors are trying to phase out the third-party BI developers by developing their own solutions.

“Many ERP vendors are building BI/analytics in as a standard feature rather than relying on third parties to provide those capabilities. As technology has advanced, it has become expected that systems will provide actual intelligent data that can be used to drive business decisions and strategy, not just numbers. This has shifted the expectation away from only viewing your finances within an ERP system to being able to dive deep into your customer characteristics, their satisfaction levels, your product data, production data and more.”

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4 Ways to Play Matchmaker with Social Media and Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP systems and social media are generally regarded as two business tools that operate independently of each other. However, if an organization integrates the two systems, it can solve transactional process problems, break down intradepartmental silos, and improve usability.

“Blending social media with ERP has benefits, to be sure. Once you’ve identified the value this offers to your organization, you then need to address what it will take to implement social ERP. Common barriers include lack of management support, employee resistance, and need for staff training. There are technology challenges, too. Social ERP—at least in terms of software solutions designed to blend social with transactional systems—is still very much in the early-adopter phase.”

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