Weekly Roundup – DocStar Selected Top 20 by Capterra, Agile IT, & Archiving Documents in the Cloud

No short week this week, but make it feel shorter by reading our favorite articles we shared last week.

DocStar Selected for Capterra’s Top 20 Document Management Software Vendors List

DocStar was recently selected by Capterra for its “Top 20 Document Management Software Vendors.” Check out our most recent blog post about the placing!

“This year, Capterra surveyed the ‘big players’ to help their users get familiar with the options out there and put it all together in a cool infographic.”

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How Agile Development Powers IT at the Speed of Business

This article discusses one method that can improve your business’ speed when implementing workflow automation tools. While these tools are meant to increase speed, the proper implementation method is what truly drives speed and efficiency.

“One example is an HR manager automating a simple task, then building upon that over time to automate a much more complex process. Taking an agile approach enables business process owners to achieve ‘quick wins’ by automating simple tasks, then building the confidence and trust to expand the parameters for automation.”

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Why Everyone Thinks ECM Is So Complex

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) should be an enjoyable experience with all the potential benefits. Yet, why do businesses have difficulty implementing ECM? Most of the time, it is because users do not understand the basic parts of ECM and do not fully understand their business surroundings in relation to the ECM system.

“Complexity, or at least the levels of complexity surrounding ECM, is often self-inflicted. Many in the user community understand the basic concepts of ECM and the associated technology when it is presented properly. The key is to understand the audience and present the what, why and how of ECM in their terms. If they are to use ECM as an integrated part of the SAP application they currently use on a daily basis, present how these fit together and will support their daily activities. If access to a document requires a simple press of a function key, that is what they need to know. Back-up and recovery is not something users deal with and is, therefore, not something they need to be trained in.”

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Quick Start Guide to Archiving Documents in the Cloud

Ever have difficulty using document management in the cloud? This guide gives a brief rundown of archiving documents along with discussing the pros and cons of on-premises vs cloud storage.

“It’s important to understand what you want your archive to do, since there are lots of options out there and you need a good fit. Let me tell you the story of email archiving to put things in perspective. In the early 2000s a lot of vendors from the ECM space tried to move into the email and related archiving space. How hard could email management be? So they tried to use their general ECM capabilities for archiving and add RM capabilities — thus providing more features and functions than the less fancy pure play archives were offering. But the ECM vendors couldn’t do the basic blocking and tackling for email archiving.”

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