A.M. Best Features DocStar

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Best’s Review magazine profiles paperless insurance software.

Schenectady, NY – A.M. Best Company, the world’s oldest and most authoritative insurance rating and information source has featured DocStar in the February 2011 issue of Best’s Review. The article, “Emptying the File Cabinet” reviews DocStar’s integrated document management system.

“A decade ago, it was ‘unthinkable’ that agents would someday no longer need to keep paper files and would download policies and other documents from the Web,” said Rusty Keighron, insurance industry manager for DocStar.

“Users can attach documents to a client file or to policies, activities and claims, and retrieve, view and send scanned documents in a central location or from remote sites,” Rusty continued. “This helps eliminate paper files, allowing agents to share files with multiple users while reducing labor costs.”

The DocStar system integrates with agency management systems such as AMS 360, Applied TAM, Instar and DORIS.

Reference Article
Chordas, Lori. “Emptying the File Cabinet.” Best’s Review February 2011: 28-31.

About DocStar
Serving over 2,000 insurance agencies nationwide, DocStar is the leading provider of integrated document management solutions. DocStar allows instant access to documents and immediate cost savings while delivering ease of use, fast implementation, safety, and security. For more info, visit www.docstar.com.