DocStar Releases 3twelve Document Management Software

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Award-winning productivity tool has been enhanced with expanded rules-based workflows, powerful business analytics and simplified administration.

Schenectady, NY – November 30, 2011 – DocStar, a leading provider of document-driven process automation solutions, today announced DocStar version 3twelve (3.12).  DocStar 3twelve offers several major enhancements, including expanded rules-based workflow automation, an extensive business analytics reporting tool, new group security features and embedded Active Directory/Lightweight Directory Protocol (AD/LDAP) integration.

“DocStar 3twelve delivers an improved workflow system, a graphical workflow designer, and a new business analytics reporting tool.  Using DocStar’s sophisticated workflow and business analytics, organizations can automate, monitor, and report on document-driven business processes, which results in greater productivity”, says Ray Emirzian, VP of Product Management. “Additionally, DocStar 3twelve adds a new level of security and administrative sophistication. IT managers will love how easy the system is to set up and maintain.”

Automated Rules-based Workflows

DocStar 3twelve contains a powerful workflow system that enables unlimited workflow possibilities.  The workflow system allows organizations to:

  • Distribute documents to users or groups automatically.
  • Send automatic notifications.
  • Provide guided user interaction.
  • Allow automated index information acquisition at any point in the process.
  • Create any number of automated or user-guided steps that include multiple possible branches.

DocStar version 3twelve delivers built-in workflow queues and dashboards providing team members and management with real-time insight into any active document or package workflow.  Managers can monitor workflow process efficiency and re-assign workflow steps or share workflow queues instantly.

Powerful Business Analytics Reports

Gain clear insight into your processes, bottlenecks and areas for improvement.  Having instant access to key performance indicators (KPIs) may make the difference for efficient business growth.  DocStar’s new business analytics reporting tool allows you to easily create, secure and subscribe to regularly scheduled reports.  Create dashboards to display key performance indicators.  View reports with expandable/collapsible sections that allow you to drill down to all the detail you need.Instantly access your full suite of reports on-demand through browser-based access or receive a link via email when the latest version of your subscribed report is ready.

User and Group Administration Made Easy

The security system in DocStar 3twelve has been greatly enhanced to support optimized user and group administration as well as departmental segregation.  An elaborate new system of group creation and effective permission analysis makes administration as simple as possible.  Create groups, assign users, adjust individual rights as necessary and easily see the effective permissions assigned to the user, even across multiple group memberships.  This means faster setup and administration with better control and vision into the document management system security assignments.

Creating separation and self-administering departments is also easier with granular administrative permissions. With DocStar’s enhanced administration system and granular permissions, departmental administrators get the specific administrative functions they need.  Then they can create their own security classes, groups, users and even sub-administrators by providing specific administration permissions within the security classes and groups.

Embedded AD/LDAP Integration

DocStar’s new security system can be extended by authenticating users directly against Active Directory/Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (AD/LDAP) domains.   This eliminates the need to have separate passwords within DocStar.  In addition, groups can be created or updated with one-click. Automatic user creation and group membership synchronization has also been integrated to complete the powerful AD/LDAP package.

Alternatively, the AD/LDAP integration can be bypassed if desired.  This allows the creation of public, client, or vendor facing applications without having to add these users to the AD/LDAP domain.

DocStar Version 3twelve is available immediately through authorized DocStar Business Partners.  It will come standard with all new systems and upgrades to eligible installed products will be offered through the DocStar SoftCare licensing program.

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