Broker Central Featured at Keller Williams Mega Camp

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Over 10,000 agents and brokers use DocStar’s Web-based paperless real estate software with more joining every day.

Schenectady, NY – DocStar, a leading provider of award-winning document management software, together with Mosaic Corporation, a leading business process optimization firm specializing in paperless back office workflows, have joined forces to introduce Broker Central™, a comprehensive Web-based document and transaction management solution for real estate agencies.

DocStar’s Broker Central paperless real estate software was showcased at Keller Williams Mega Camp 2010. More than 10,000 agents and brokers are already using the solution and many stopped by to express their satisfaction.

“Our users were very excited about the new features,” said Jim Kingery, President of Mosaic. “We had an overwhelming response with more than 30 new market centers planning to sign up. I’d like to thank everyone at Keller Williams Realty for a great event.”

DocuSign® Electronic Signature

DocStar’s Broker Central is fully integrated with DocuSign, the leader in electronic signature service, to create an end-to-end document and transaction management solution specifically tailored for residential and commercial real estate brokerages.

“With the inclusion of DocuSign’s electronic signature technology, DocStar’s Broker Central offers real estate brokerages and marketing centers a completely paperless solution,” said Tom Franceski, President of DocStar. “It gives agents a better chance to succeed in a highly competitive real estate market while supporting green initiatives.”

Taking Transaction Automation to the Next Level

In a competitive market, minutes can literally make the difference when closing a deal. With DocStar’s Broker Central, real estate professionals can quickly prepare, manage and archive real estate documents from any Internet-enabled device. Users can instantly access DocuSign from within DocStar’s Broker Central and tag any document with DocuSign’s familiar yellow Stick-eTabs®.

The client then receives an email notification, is authenticated and quickly navigates through the electronic signature process. Completed electronic documents are securely archived within DocStar’s Broker Central and immediately accessible.

By extending the integration of DocuSign within DocStar’s Broker Central, real estate agents can perform business transactions with greater agility, simplify the real estate contract signing process, save hours of time each week, eliminate signing errors and accelerate deal close rates. Brokerages and marketing centers can reduce costs and streamline business processes as well as offer better services and tools to attract and retain quality real estate professionals.

“Mosaic, DocStar and DocuSign provide real estate brokerages and their sales professionals with state of the art technology to better manage workflows and close real estate transactions faster and easier,” said Dave Thorpe, market director at DocuSign. “DocStar’s Broker Central will help real estate professionals leverage the power of DocuSign electronic signature services by providing complete and convenient end-to-end document and transaction management process. This partnership further demonstrates DocuSign’s leadership as the standard in electronic signature solutions for real estate professionals.”

DocStar’s Broker Central users will join more than 30,000 real estate professionals eliminating paper and expediting real estate transactions with DocuSign. For more information, visit:

About DocStar
DocStar is a recognized leader of comprehensive and integrated document management solutions. DocStar allows instant access to documents and immediate cost savings while delivering ease of use, fast implementation, safety and security.

DocStar’s Broker Central is a collaborative software-as-a-service offering from Mosaic and DocStar, a leader in document management software. It was developed to layer transparently on existing workflows, minimizing interruptions in productivity. Broker Central securely scans and stores paper documents, along with critical electronic files, allowing for immediate retrieval. With the integration of the DocuSign electronic signature service, Broker Central will provide real estate professionals the ability to manage the entire real estate transaction. Broker Central offers a green, fully optimized, end-to-end electronic document and transaction management solution for residential and commercial real estate brokerages and marketing centers. For more information, visit:

About Mosaic Corporation
Mosaic provides better business processes through paperless technologies. Deep experience in the Real Estate segment leads to a collaborative effort with DocStar to improve business process for brokers and agents. Goals in the development effort were to reduce operating expense, provide services to attract and retain agents and to create a more streamlined and productive back office environment. The result is a comprehensive Real Estate solution facilitating fast and accurate transaction management, powerful and “easy to use” tools for agents and the facility to manage a broad range of paper based activities (including accounts payable and agent new hire packages) in addition to transaction management. For more information, visit: