AP360 – Everything You Need to Know About AP

DocStar is excited to announce the launch of AP360, a new, interactive feature on our website for all things AP. Read our FAQs below then head over to AP360 to check it out for yourself.AP360 for AP Automation

What is AP360?

AP360 is a new interactive feature on our Accounts Payable page that empowers AP teams with the knowledge they need to make the best automation decisions for their company. With resources like eBooks, white papers, recorded webinars, demos and links to AP-related pages, AP360 is a one-stop shop for everything AP. Just click the area of the image you want to learn more about and you are automatically directed to that page on the website.

What does empowerment mean to DocStar?

Our solutions empower our customers with the business insight they need to make better business decisions and achieve maximum productivity with fewer resources. From a product standpoint, we build a solution that is very easy to use and offers a lot of functionality for the price, empowering ours customers to get the most out of their investment in our solution, as well as their ERP systems.

How is AP360 different than DocStar ECM AP Automation?

AP360 is not a product and does not compete with DocStar ECM AP Automation. It’s an educational “marketplace” for AP teams who want information on AP automation solutions as well as working smarter in AP. All of our AP resources & tools are in one convenient place so visitors can easily find what they are looking for – from the AP automation experts!

Visit AP360 today!