DocStar Announces Version 3thirteen Document Management Software

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New “On-Demand” Features Enhance the Award-Winning ECM Platform

DocStar 3thirteenSchenectady, NY – DocStar, a leading provider of document-driven process automation solutions and document management software, today announced DocStar version 3thirteen (3.13). DocStar 3thirteen offers several major enhancements, including customizable views in the Inbox, Retrieve, & Browse Windows, OCR “On Demand,” expanded Native File Support, Live DataLink, customizable Workflow Approval Requests, and Embedded Direct-Document WebWorks link.

“DocStar 3thirteen delivers an impressive new set of ‘On Demand’ features and enhancements that greatly improve users’ ability to perform real-time and ad-hoc operations more quickly and smoothly. This provides an enhanced ability to work and react in real-time using the most currently available data for document-driven business processes, which results in greater productivity,” says Ray Emirzian, VP of Product Management. “DocStar also adds greatly expanded support for capturing and storing all digital content. We very excited to be able to provide these new and expanded features based on feedback from our clients and Partners.”

Customizable Views in the Inbox, Retrieve, & Browse Windows

DocStar 3thirteen adds a new “column chooser” that allows users to customize the document list view in the Inbox, Retrieve, & Browse windows and save the view as a user preference. Users are able to select or deselect columns they wish to view such as selecting an Invoice Number column and deselecting a security class column. This enables users to view documents and their index information in a more meaningful fashion.

OCR “On Demand”

Optical Character Recognition gets an upgrade in the form of OCR “On Demand,” giving users the ability to capture meaningful data directly from scanned images in the DocStar Manual or Auto File viewing windows. The OCR Full Page option will capture all the text on the page and copy and paste to DocStar fields or to other applications such as Microsoft Word. The OCR Region option allows users to draw a box around the area of interest and capture only that portion of text. Lastly, there is an OCR to Field option that allows users to draw a region box and immediately populate that text to the DocStar field that the cursor was last in. These options provide very quick and easy methods of performing ad-hoc indexing of documents in DocStar or capturing and reusing text data in other applications.

Expanded Native File Support

New unbridled support for all digital media content allows DocStar to capture, store, and present all digital media while utilizing the Operating System’s own native file associations to open the digital content. Now DocStar can truly fulfill the role of the secure central repository for all organizational digital media content. Equipped with options to designate which file types to always open automatically, expanded Native File Support enhances collaboration around all digital content.

Live DataLink

DocStar’s DataLink module gets a substantial upgrade in version 3thirteen. DataLink is traditionally used to make a local copy of data from external data sources for use in the indexing of documents. Adding to its ability to perform scheduled updates from external data sources, the new “live” option allows DocStar templates and user lookups to access this information in real-time.

This allows Front-End scanning applications and On demand document driven processes to be able to access the most currently available information to aid in indexing, workflow routing, and workflow approval decision trees ensuring speed and accuracy of the process.

Customizable Workflow Approval Requests

New Customizable Workflow Approval Requests allow DocStar administrators the ability to create meaningful email subject lines and body messages that can instantly distinguish different workflow approval alerts from one another in a user’s inbox. Approvers have the ability to discern which approval requests require immediate attention vs. those that can wait. Additionally, approvers can be provided better context as to what they are about to approve.

Embedded Direct-Document WebWorks Link

Further enhancing the goal of quick and easy access to digital content in collaborative workflows, email alerts will now contain embedded URL links to DocStar’s full function web portal known as WebWorks. Workflow issued email alerts will now allow users one-click access to the digital content referenced in the alert if the WebWorks module is installed on the DocStar Host System. This provides remote and mobile users a seamless and much easier workflow collaboration experience, making DocStar technology much more practical and usable in fast paced environments.

DocStar Version 3thirteen is available immediately through authorized DocStar Business Partners. It will come standard with all new systems and upgrades to eligible installed products will be offered through the DocStar SoftCare licensing program.

About DocStar

Founded in 1994, DocStar®, a division of Astria Solutions Group, LLC, is an innovative software company that provides collaborative content management solutions to streamline business processes for organizations of any size. Our document management software, available either on-premises or as a cloud hosted service in the SaaS model (Software as a Service), allows enterprises to gain control over documents, improve retention and increase efficiency. DocStar integrates with almost any third party business application to improve effectiveness with core systems. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and the company’s customer support organization is consistently recognized for its quality and responsive level of service. Over 6,615 organizations depend on DocStar from every industry including insurance, financial services, healthcare, real estate/property management, manufacturing, legal, non-profit, education, banking and financial institutions and the public sector. DocStar was recently named ‘Best Channel Vendor 2013’ in the ECM Software category by Business Solutions magazine.