Developing Your P2P Automation Strategy with a Team

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In most major buying decisions, it is important to for organizations to remember that the process is just as important as the people. It’s likely that you have identified the benefits for the implementation of a P2P or AP Automation system and have began number crunching the ROI. And while everything seems to be going according to plan, have you taken the time to consider who will produce this plan? P2P expert Stephanie Dula writes in her PayStream article:

“Given that integration of all of the processes along the P2P continuum, it’s no surprise that any successful project will involve a strategy to gain buy-in among the many stakeholders. The automation project steering committee will help organize resources and guide the organization through the transition from a largely paper-based process to a digital one. It is one of the most critical mechanisms involved in the transition.”

We all know the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”. And now that you have started to think about developing your team, go turn the dream into reality. For more info on team dynamics in the P2P process read Stephanie Dula’s Bringing Your P2P Automation Project To Life: Building a Strong Steering Committee article on PayStream.