Enterprise Content Management for Government

Your maps and content in a browser-based portal

Enterprise Content Management for Government – DocStar ECM for Esri ArcGIS allows organizations to easily view specific Geographic Information System (GIS) spatial information and related documents in seconds. Users can easily access GIS layers and features while instantly displaying related GIS maps, data, and documents – all with the click of a button.

  • Web access for content retrieval
  • Seamless integration with Esri® ArcGIS™
  • Hosted (SaaS) or on-premises
  • Convert paper forms to electronic forms for even better efficiency
  • Find documents instantly by clicking on parcels or features
  • Quickly apply geo-coordinates to groups of documents
  • ArcGIS Server is not required

Real-time decision-making

Local, state, and federal government agencies are faced with the necessity to be more efficient, provide better service, and comply with innumerable regulations and standards.

Like most organizations, you are probably drowning in paper. DocStar ECM for Esri ArcGIS provides a comprehensive feature-rich document management solution. Gain anytime access to documents, content, and GIS information through a browser-based portal. Agencies enhance their processes by linking important documents to GIS maps and data. Your spatially-enabled documents are accessible 24/7, on any device.

Is your government agency situationally aware?

“Delivering relevant information in real-time.” DocStar defines this outcome as “Situational Awareness.”

Historically, the most common means of obtaining situational awareness would be to identify what information is required for the mission and search through printed material, data repositories, web links, news media, and voice communication.

This manual process is very time-consuming and may not produce timely results. As such, IT infrastructure and systems have to be developed to collect data and information from disparate sources, process the data into logical outputs, and push it to the user to make better and more informed decisions. The systematic process of obtaining the right information at the right place and time is optimized by geographic information system (GIS) technology with document management software from DocStar.

DocStar ECM for Esri ArcGIS is an essential technology for providing personnel with enhanced situational awareness. Data and information stored or hyperlinked via a geo-database provides intuitive, actionable information in the context of a map, and in real-time.

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“Going with DocStar ESRI ArcGIS allowed the town to put off having to build a new building. The electronic records management system was a way to help us free up some space. That was the impetus for it, but it has blossomed into a whole bunch of different uses and applications.”

Anne Klepfer, New Hanover Township

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