DocStar Enhances Document Processing Automation through Intelligent Data Capture Alliance

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Document and data capture solution from Artsyl Technologies will improve productivity and operational efficiency for end users of DocStar.

DocStar, a leading developer of innovative cloud and on-premise document management and content productivity software and Artsyl Technologies™, a leading provider of data capture and document processing automation technologies, have formed a strategic alliance. Under the new partnership, Artsyl Technologies’ intelligent data capture solutions are now available to DocStar customers through DocStar’s global network of more than 150 Value Added Resellers (VARs) across North America and international markets.

Intelligent data capture encompasses a full range of advanced document recognition and data capture software which reduces manual data-entry, improves data accuracy and helps drive automation into various business processes throughout the enterprise.  Intelligent data capture, integrated with DocStar’s leading content management solutions, helps streamline the flow of business critical information throughout an organization in a more accurate, timely and cost effective manner.

“Improving business productivity has been our mission for 18 years,” said Tom Franceski, President of DocStar, “By improving our ability to automate the entire document capture process, we can help customers mobilize documents and data for electronic access, information sharing and faster decision making.  Improved accuracy, increased productivity, cost reduction and reduced cycle times are seen as the strongest benefits.”

DocStar customers can now realize the benefits of increased capture automation either by capturing documents and information to a workflow process or directly to a document repository. Intelligent data capture and document recognition software reduces manual data-entry by automatically collecting and identifying data from large volumes of structured and semi-structured documents.  In doing so, businesses will improve data accuracy, drive automation into various business processes and positively impact operational excellence.

Like DocStar’s powerful document management solutions, Artsyl Technologies’ capture solutions are easy to install, configure and support. The combination of ease-of-use, speed and versatility result in an attractive solution for larger organizations and a more affordable solution to smaller ones seeking to introduce a higher level of automation into their business processes.  The addition of intelligent data capture and document recognition to DocStar’s robust content management offerings gives resellers a true solution differentiator.

According to a research paper published by the Association of Image and Information Management (AIIM) ( titled Capture and Business Process: drivers and experiences of content-driven processes, 39% of responding organizations reach positive payback on their investments in scanning, capture and Business Process Management within 12 months, rising to 60% within 18 months. Automatic document classification shows a particularly high return for the 19% of respondents utilizing it. The strongest driver for scanning and capture is improved search-ability and knowledge sharing across the business, followed by productivity improvements, reduced office costs and better customer service.

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