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How to Take Advantage of Early Payment Discounts

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Not too long ago we discussed how to avoid a late payment and how AP Automation can manage the entire payment process quickly and accurately, thereby avoiding past due accounts. And as beneficial as avoiding a late payment may be, taking advantage of early payments may prove to be the next step in good business decisions. According to Scott Pezza on, if, in fewer than 10 days, your business can get an invoice to accounts payable, confirm the bill’s accuracy, obtain approval, and initiate payment then it may be worthwhile to pay in full ahead of time for an early … Continue reading

Why Healthcare Organizations Must Automate Accounts Payable

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Accounts Payable is a fundamental activity for nearly all businesses, and organizations in the healthcare industry are certainly no exception. No matter what industry or marketspace you are in, the effective and productive management of accounts payable is essential. If you get behind on your obligations you risk missing important financial discounts, defaulting with creditors, and damaging your reputation with suppliers and stakeholders. Healthcare organizations face the AP challenge Healthcare organizations face a number of challenges associated with Accounts Payable…and it’s easy to lose sleep at night. Despite the increasing digitization of workflow and systems, the accounts payable process in … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – How Vendor Portals Improve AP Invoice Processing, 7 Deadly Sins of Security Policy Change Management, 7 Ways Collaboration Can Address Common Problems with Product Delivery

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How Vendor Portals Improve AP Invoice Processing Regardless of the company’s size, the mission of accounts payable is to pay bills and invoices that are legitimate and accurate. “By automating the process, companies find they can reduce the costs of doing business, enable a more modern and accurate system, and improve their relationships with their key suppliers and clients.” Read the entire article   7 Deadly Sins of Security Policy Change Management It’s no surprise to security pros that managing the ever-growing world of network security policies is becoming more and more demanding. Without a way to catch errors or automate … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: The Five Phases of Capture, Gain Support for Automating AP, Working Capital Optimization: AP’s Technology Considerations & Managing Documents Like It’s 1990

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The Five Phases of Capture: Where Do You Fit on the “Capture Continuum?” Tighter integration between capture technologies and business solutions and processes has proven to dramatically improve worker productivity, lower costs and mitigate risks. You may be missing significant opportunity, but with all the technological solutions available how do you know which one is right for you? Read entire article Gain Support for Automating Your AP Process in 5 Easy Some ERP systems have an AP Automation function, and some do not. There are pros and cons to each offering, but whether or not your ERP system includes AP … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 080414

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Here are a few articles we shared last week to check out again (or for the first time if you missed them)   Legal-Ease: The Benefits of Document Management for Law Offices In our most recent blog post, we go over the importance and effectiveness of document management software in law firms. Simply implementing this software can give a law firm much needed assistance with better security, a reduction of storage costs and more. “Today, the protection of confidential information is considerably more difficult. Lawyers store a range of information in the ‘cloud’ as well as on smart phones, laptops, … Continue reading