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Weekly Roundup – Streamline Accounts Payable with Invoice Matching Software, Intelligent Process Automation Software Unlocks Business Value, ERP: Lessons from the Field

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Streamline Accounts Payable with Invoice Matching Software Nearly all organizations experience the pain associated with manually processing and matching invoices. How can organizations overcome these challenges? One way is to automate with invoice matching software. Here’s how it works. Read the entire article   Intelligent Process Automation Software Unlocks Business Value Software advancements in the field of process automation will unlock significant value for businesses within the next three to five years. “The list of game-changing and differentiating examples of process analytics is immense, especially when IPA tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive time-sensitive outcomes are applied,” … Continue reading

Gain Support for Automating Your AP Process in 5 Easy Steps

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Automating AP Processes for Maximum Efficiency Some ERP systems have an AP Automation function, and some do not. There are pros and cons to each offering, but whether or not your ERP system includes AP automation, allows integration – or none of the above, there are a number of important factors to consider. Making the case for a new way to approach workflow, purchasing new software, or implementing an AP Automation solution will take thoughtful planning. Particularly in finance, where one wrong move can spell disaster. However, the upside of prudent planning can mean significant time and cost savings, as … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: Improve Cash Flow with AP Automation, Integrate AP Automation with MS Dynamics GP & Document Management for Automotive Dealerships

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 Shorten the Life Cycle of an Invoice and Improve Cash Flow with AP Automation In our blog, we discuss seven reasons why implementing AP Automation is a good idea, ranging from early pay discounts to advanced reporting tools to real-time approvals. Which benefits interest you and your business? “According to The Institute of Financial Management, the AP process is the “strategic business partner” for cash management. Proper governance of cash flow can help a business better prepare for the future, take advantage of dynamic or early pay discounts and avoid late payment penalties, while maintaining a better business relationship with … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Preventing AP Automation Disaster & Including Automation in Your Innovation Goals

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Prevent AP Automation Disaster with the Right Strategy & Planning In our blog, we discuss three main steps of planning AP Automation implementation – Communication, collaboration and calculation. “Whether it’s educating your team on a new product upgrade, illustrating a helpful workaround or sharing an industry best practice – look for vendors who continually engage their customers. Find out if a potential vendor can help you comply with the particular rules and regulations in your industry, and what the disaster recovery plan is (think ‘lifeboats’).” Read the entire article.   Why Your Company’s Innovation Goals Should Include Automating Your Invoice Processing … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – AP Processing Gives a Competitive Edge and Accounting & CRM Play Nice

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Catch up with articles about AP Automation, Big Data and more that we shared last week. Vendor Relations 101: Streamline Your AP Processing and Gain a Competitive Edge Our most recent blog post discussed the benefits your business can experience by automating your AP processes. Depending on paper-based processes when dealing with invoices leads to low productivity numbers and drives up costs. Implementing AP Automation software gives businesses an advantage over their competitors who use a slower, less efficient process. “While improving the time it takes to manage your AP process, you not only free up your staff to work … Continue reading