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Weekly Roundup – Streamline Accounts Payable with Invoice Matching Software, Intelligent Process Automation Software Unlocks Business Value, ERP: Lessons from the Field

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Streamline Accounts Payable with Invoice Matching Software Nearly all organizations experience the pain associated with manually processing and matching invoices. How can organizations overcome these challenges? One way is to automate with invoice matching software. Here’s how it works. Read the entire article   Intelligent Process Automation Software Unlocks Business Value Software advancements in the field of process automation will unlock significant value for businesses within the next three to five years. “The list of game-changing and differentiating examples of process analytics is immense, especially when IPA tools using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive time-sensitive outcomes are applied,” … Continue reading

Keep it Simple: Automating AP with Multiple ERPs

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The goal for any business ERP should be actionable, accurate data. If you are using multiple ERPs, you will want to ensure consistency of data entry into the ERP across the board. These days, it is not unusual for a company to have multiple ERP systems in use across locations.  Mergers, acquisitions and the rapid pace of global IT can make for an interesting stew of tools and technology. Diverse departments implement ERP for a wide array of functions – from finance and HR to sales and marketing. While ERPs can successfully streamline all sorts of business processes, the capability for detailed … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup 052714

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After the long weekend, catch up with some of our favorite articles from last week.   What can Jack Bauer teach us about business productivity? Our blog post compares the life of Jack Bauer to how we can maximize business productivity in the workplace. “Speed, flexibility, on-demand service and availability are the goals of Business Process Automation (BPA) and are the keys to real business agility. When you implement automation across your business you not only improve communication and transparency, you can also achieve significant cost savings, improve customer support, and streamline sales and fulfillment cycles.”   Top 10 Trends … Continue reading