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How Much Does a Cloud Investment Help Your Organization?

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David Spark, the founder of Spark Media Solutions, posed this challenge on While it’s well known that the cloud helps organizations “do more with less,” the follow up question of “how much?” is far less known. IT rarely asks that question, yet the business does ask, and the business wants answers. If IT is going to better align themselves with business operations, they must be able to objectively quantify the value of the cloud. Of course the business asks the question. While a business must oversee all its strategic objectives in relation to its business expenditures, a business unit, … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Laying The Groundwork For ERP, Considering the Cloud, Cloud or On-Premises?

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Laying The Groundwork For ERP An ERP implementation needs a firm foundation that needs to be laid well before the software is selected. You need to know a lot of things and make a lot of decisions before you start looking at software. One of the first steps is to identify the problems you want ERP to solve. That means determining the strengths and weaknesses of your business, especially the areas you want to improve. Read the article Free eBook – Cloud or On-Premises? 4 Questions You Must Answer Before Selecting Your Next Business Solution In today’s fast-paced work environment, time … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Moving To the Cloud? 3 Steps To Good Data Governance, Elevate Your Healthcare Practice with an Integrated Document Management Strategy, Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Cloud

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Elevate Your Healthcare Practice with an Integrated Document Management Strategy Jeff Frankel, Vice President of Marketing and Principal at DocStar, recently discussed one of the best ways healthcare practices can improve operational effectiveness. He offers five ways five ways a content management system can increase efficiency, improve security, and help boost your bottom line including reduction in data duplication and errors, HIPAA compliance in all departments, streamlined accounts payable, improved vendor relationships, and streamlined audit process. Read the entire article Moving To The Cloud? 3 Steps To Good Data Governance Cloud migration may be perceived as a “technical” activity—but it isn’t. Data is … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Three ECM Trends to Watch This Year, DocStar ECM for ArcGIS

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Three ECM Trends to Watch This Year As mobile computing continues to expand, and more and more small and mid-sized businesses begin to adopt ECM, a broadly integrated view of information governance and ECM strategies is taking shape. What does it all mean? Learn more about Trend #3: The New Information Governance Paradigm Read the entire article Your office is now anywhere you are with DocStar ECM for ArcGIS While ArcGIS gives you everything you need to create interactive web maps and apps that you can share with anyone, eclipse for ArcGIS gives your organization the ability to search and retrieve maps … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – AP Automation Top 5 Must Haves, Cloud Computing, & the Rise of the Public Cloud

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Your Top 5 AP Automation “Must-Haves” for the New Year When searching for AP Automation software, what are the top benefits your organization needs? Our top five “Must-Haves” are: Flexibility, Smart Data Capture, Analytics, Access, and Support. “Flexibility is not only the key to ensuring your AP system has some longevity built in, it’s also important to work with a technology partner who understands your business and can grow with you – and who won’t be obsolete before New Year’s Eve 2016. Maybe you don’t need to have the full workflow and reporting package now, but it should be in your … Continue reading