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The Case for Updating Your Document Management System

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Document Management System Updating  – Penn Foster, founded in 1890, is a career-focused online and hybrid education institution. Although it is headquartered in Scranton, Pennsylvania, it also has two satellite locations. With more than 133,000 active students between the headquarters and the other sites, Penn Foster has heavy documentation requirements on an annual basis. The school’s existing system for processing documents did not offer the capabilities needed for the number of documents the school was managing. They were able to scan documents, store them, and then retrieve them in an electronic format. However, the organization needed to do much more with … Continue reading

The High Responsibility of the Human Resources Professional

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Human resources departments carry quite a bit of responsibility for a company. The department is responsible for an organization’s compliance with state and federal employment laws and labor regulations including equal opportunity laws that promote equality in the workplace in regard to race, gender, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation and religion. This does not only mean that a human resources department will implement equal opportunity initiatives such as affirmative action programs or diversity and inclusion programs, but the department is also responsible for not omitting action that may in violation of equal employment laws. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Moving To the Cloud? 3 Steps To Good Data Governance, Elevate Your Healthcare Practice with an Integrated Document Management Strategy, Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Cloud

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Elevate Your Healthcare Practice with an Integrated Document Management Strategy Jeff Frankel, Vice President of Marketing and Principal at DocStar, recently discussed one of the best ways healthcare practices can improve operational effectiveness. He offers five ways five ways a content management system can increase efficiency, improve security, and help boost your bottom line including reduction in data duplication and errors, HIPAA compliance in all departments, streamlined accounts payable, improved vendor relationships, and streamlined audit process. Read the entire article Moving To The Cloud? 3 Steps To Good Data Governance Cloud migration may be perceived as a “technical” activity—but it isn’t. Data is … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup: The Five Phases of Capture, Gain Support for Automating AP, Working Capital Optimization: AP’s Technology Considerations & Managing Documents Like It’s 1990

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The Five Phases of Capture: Where Do You Fit on the “Capture Continuum?” Tighter integration between capture technologies and business solutions and processes has proven to dramatically improve worker productivity, lower costs and mitigate risks. You may be missing significant opportunity, but with all the technological solutions available how do you know which one is right for you? Read entire article Gain Support for Automating Your AP Process in 5 Easy Some ERP systems have an AP Automation function, and some do not. There are pros and cons to each offering, but whether or not your ERP system includes AP … Continue reading

Gem Young Insurance Improves Customer Retention DocStar Document Management

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Family-owned Ohio-based insurance agency, Gem Young Insurance, has operated for more than 60 years. With 6,000 clients, the paper burden was enormous. Fulfilling their goal of addressing customer needs on the first phone call was impossible without access to all the necessary information from each workstation. The integration was simple for Gem Young. A single mouse click allowed the agency to retrieve a list of documents by client code or policy. Leo Daprile, President of Gem Young Insurance, said “DocStar feels like a natural extension of TAM.” The integration of DocStar helped maximize efficiency since not only could employees easily … Continue reading