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Gain Support for Automating Your AP Process in 5 Easy Steps

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Automating AP Processes for Maximum Efficiency Some ERP systems have an AP Automation function, and some do not. There are pros and cons to each offering, but whether or not your ERP system includes AP automation, allows integration – or none of the above, there are a number of important factors to consider. Making the case for a new way to approach workflow, purchasing new software, or implementing an AP Automation solution will take thoughtful planning. Particularly in finance, where one wrong move can spell disaster. However, the upside of prudent planning can mean significant time and cost savings, as … Continue reading

Keep it Simple: Automating AP with Multiple ERPs

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The goal for any business ERP should be actionable, accurate data. If you are using multiple ERPs, you will want to ensure consistency of data entry into the ERP across the board. These days, it is not unusual for a company to have multiple ERP systems in use across locations.  Mergers, acquisitions and the rapid pace of global IT can make for an interesting stew of tools and technology. Diverse departments implement ERP for a wide array of functions – from finance and HR to sales and marketing. While ERPs can successfully streamline all sorts of business processes, the capability for detailed … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – ROI on ECM, & ERP Steering Committees

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Measuring the ROI of Enterprise Content Management Investments Enterprise Content Management implementation leads to an excellent return on investment. However, getting that return may start with different activities. Automating AP, using data analytics, and using ECM with compliance demands are all notable methods to get a return from ECM. “The benefits of adopting any evolving technology must outweigh the costs. Nucleus found that for every dollar a company spends on ECM, it gets back $7.50 – up 23 percent from just 2 years ago. The analysis covered organizations from a broad range of industries and included small, medium, and large … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup – Best of 2014, Replacing Your ERP & Cloud Accounting in 2015

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The 14 Best Articles for 2014 on ECM, Document Management, AP Automation & Much More For the end of ’14, we covered our 14 best articles. Ranging from the topics of AP Automation to ERP to Document Management, take some time and find your favorites from the year. Read the entire article.   Deciding When to Replace ERP Is Complicated When technology becomes outdated we generally replace it. However, ERP software is complicated. The software itself may not be outdated, but as the business grows, a different type of ERP system may be needed to facilitate expansion, such as a … Continue reading

Weekly Roundup- Document Management for 2015, AP Automation for Healthcare & ERP with BYOD

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Refine Your Document Management Systems (DMS) and Improve Company Performance By Q1 2015 In a recent blog article, we discussed why implementing or improving upon a document management system should be considered for 2015 to increase efficiency, improve scalability, and a realize a solid ROI. “Whatever the case, there is a better way to improve your company performance across all departments – reducing costs, increasing efficiency and enhancing internal communications – and with a system that can be up and running almost as fast as you can say ‘Happy New Year!’” Read the entire article.   Keep the Healthcare Industry Healthy … Continue reading