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Mobile ECM

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Mobile ECM provides immediate and easy access to data. When applications first migrated onto the mobile scene, many were designed for personal use: communications, entertainment, banking, or basic online browsing. Today business is increasingly becoming mobilized and organizations are taking charge – enabling workers to do business anywhere, anytime – even when away from the office. As the digital revolution continues to deliver new efficiencies and more flexibility, leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are evolving to keep pace and help shape and support modern work requirements with mobile capabilities. And they are finding a large and receptive market: Two-thirds … Continue reading

Human Resources Expands Capabilities with the Right Technology

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Automation and cloud-based software will be crucial for HR departments in 2017 Are you wondering how your HR department will fare in 2017? Software for human resources professional will remain a critical tool in managing your employees and increasing productivity. The use of cloud based software is on the rise in all departments, and HR is no different. Automation can provide flexibility which will save time and money. It can help improve workflows between HR, management and the rest of the company without compromising sensitive information. There will continue to be an increase in the use of mobile devices to … Continue reading

Three Ways ECM Reduces Delays, Errors and Cost in Manufacturing

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Recently, DocStar’s Principal and VP of Marketing, Jeff Frankel was a featured contributor on’s blog in Mindful Manufacturing: Three Ways Centralized ECM Reduces Delays, Errors And Cost. In the article Frankel outlines three distinct ways manufacturers can streamline processes and reduce costs with Enterprise Content Management investments, positively affecting the bottom line. Mobile Readiness – 24/7 access to business critical documents, from any device. Simplified Business Processes – being able to retrieve documents across multiple departments shortens response time and improves customer and employee satisfaction. Reduce paper – with ECM, any document and associated metadata can be accessed electronically, reducing costs … Continue reading

Three ECM Trends to Watch This Year

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The business of Enterprise Content Management is evolving quickly. The convergence of new technologies and new market demands is driving change and innovation in a number of important ways. As mobile computing continues to expand, and more and more small and mid-sized businesses begin to adopt ECM, a broadly integrated view of information governance and ECM strategies is taking shape. What does it all mean? Here are three important trends to watch. 1. SMB’s Adopt ECM More and more small and mid-sized businesses are replacing their antiquated paper-bound processes with the next generation of document management and ECM solutions. In … Continue reading