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If you missed any of the articles we shared last week, check out some of our favorites to get back up to speed.

DocStar and GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting Announce DocStar ECM for ArcGIS

On Thursday, we announced integration of DocStar ECM enterprise content management software and GEO-Jobe GIS tools to enable secure access to map data and documents from any device and any location.

DocStar ECM for ArcGIS combines Geographic Information System (GIS) data and ECM by providing a centralized location for government organizations and commercial businesses to easily access and update specific GIS map data and related documents from any device. DocStar ECM for ArcGIS will allow access to Esri’s ArcGIS for Server (version 10.2 compatible) via the DocStar ECM platform deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Digital Disease Control

Do you have security for your digital assets? Just the smallest amount of security reduces risk of hacking and anything else that can harm or copy your business’s data.

“Educating employees about security risks is equally important. In particular, they need to be aware of the danger of spear-phishing attacks, which often use false e-mail addresses and websites. Kaspersky Lab, a cyber-security firm, found that globally an average of 102,000 people a day were hit by phishing attacks in the year to April 2013. Security software has got better at weeding out suspect mail, but hackers are constantly trying new tactics.”

Software Entrepreneurs Must Go Mobile-First or Die

Software businesses must evolve with technology, and the technology that the software entrepreneurs must follow is the mobile industry. While producing software for PCs is still just as important as ever, with the growth of smartphones over the past few years, mobile users are becoming a large market for all varieties of software.

“If you’re building an enterprise-software company, mobile must be core to your product strategy; it can’t be an afterthought or add-on. And you must build an elegant, easy-to-use mobile app, because employees and consumers far prefer mobile apps to mobile websites. U.S. smartphone users spend 86 percent of their time on mobile apps, vs. 14 percent of their time using mobile browsers.”

Enterprise Resource Planning: Could Business Management Software Be Right for Your Small Business?

Small and medium-sized businesses always need to pay close attention to their budgets. So should they wait on investing in ERP? No. This article discusses why it is never too early to invest in this valuable software.

“If you implement such a system early on, you are also less likely to encounter the problems many businesses face at a later stage. Over time many small businesses find they have gradually cobbled together a range of disparate systems and unintentionally adopted time-consuming manual processes in order to gather the business information required on a day-to-day basis. This often results in business owners wishing they had implemented a more comprehensive system originally to avoid these common pitfalls.”