Weekly Roundup- Webinar Replay, HR Automation, & Cost of Cloud

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Webinar Replay|Secrets of World-Class AP Departments

How do world-class AP departments get it right? In our webinar on February, 19th, Ray Emirzian, DocStar AP Evangelist and Matt Delman, Senior Payables Researcher discussed what Best-in-Class AP departments do that make them stand out from the crowd and gave lots of advice on what AP managers and Controllers can start doing now to earn their spot on the list.

Watch a recording of our webinar to learn the secrets of World-Class AP Departments that no one will tell you.

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A Fresh Look at HR Automation

Companies are looking at ECM software for the HR Department in a new light. With the time and money saved from automation, HR departments eliminate the unnecessary paper-based processes that come with holding, organizing, and searching through employee files on a daily basis.

“Document management software for Human Resources helps your HR department eliminate the burden of paper and improve office efficiency. Personal information for every employee and applicant’s information is safely stored in our electronic repository for quick and easy access.”

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What Does the Cloud Really Cost?

The cloud is a worthwhile investment for CFOs. However, a public or private cloud impacts the influence of the investment on the budget. Research whether on-premises or public cloud is right for your business, among other aspects of the cloud.

“IT is much more business critical today than it was fifty years ago. The technology is much more sophisticated and gets more so all the time. Processes have been slow to evolve to take advantage of what is technically possible and people have been relatively slow to adapt as well…The move to the cloud may be just another layer of complexity in the IT operational stack, or it could be a true game changer. Either way, it won’t come free.”

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10 Pitfalls of Homegrown ERP

When making the choice between public or private cloud for ERP, consider the burden that comes with choosing either option. When using a homegrown ERP system, or an on-premises system, consider that your business will need to fully support and maintain the system.

“An ERP vendor has teams of support personnel who are well trained and prepared to handle problems that arise. A homegrown ERP system doesn’t come with that kind of support, so if something goes wrong, it falls to the architects and programmers who designed the system to fix it. That process can often be painful and time consuming, and it always competes with the time allotted for other IT functions.”

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