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Enterprise Content Management and AP Automation eBooks


Evolution of Content Management: A Timeline

Infographic by DocStar

This timeline provides an insightful journey through the evolution of content management systems over time. This visual narrative is not just a stroll down memory lane; it’s a compelling testament to the pivotal role content management has played in shaping our digital landscape. By tracking the development of content management from its humble beginnings to its current and future states, this infographic highlights the transformative impact of technology on how we create, organize and distribute digital content.

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Embracing the Future of Content Management

eBook by DocStar

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations must adapt their content management strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Our eBook provides invaluable insights, expert tips and actionable strategies to ensure your content management strategy remains relevant and effective over time.

how can my HR department work more efficiently


Build a World-Class Human Resources Department with Document Management Software

Executive Brief by DocStar

In many organizations, the Human Resources department is still operating with manual, paper based processes, despite evidence that document management software projects have a 77% ROI in less than 18 months. As a result, today’s HR professionals often spend more time, effort and money performing administrative duties than they do attracting, hiring and maximizing the human capital of the organization.

In this Executive Brief, we discuss research around productivity gains with automation in the Human Resources department and explore ideas around automating key functions to recruit and onboard new employees faster and more efficiently.

how can my HR department work more efficiently

Cloud or On-Premises? 6 Questions You Must Answer Before Selecting Your Next Business Solution
eBook by DocStar

In today’s fast-paced work environment, time and resources are stretched to the limit. You need to be knowledgeable and ready when starting your search for a new business solution – especially when researching solutions with both cloud and on-premises options.

In this eBook, Cloud or On-Premises? 6 Questions You Must Answer Before Selecting Your Next Business Solution, we will help you understand the most important questions you need to answer in order to make the best decision for your organization.

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