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Deployment Flexibility

You Make the Call - Empower Your Business with Flexible Deployment Options

Experience unmatched deployment flexibility with DocStar's Content & Process Automation solution. Whether you prefer on-premise or cloud-based deployment, our platform offers the flexibility and scalability your business needs to thrive.


On-Premise Deployment

Host DocStar's solution on your own servers, providing full control over security and data management.

Cloud-Based Deployment

Opt for cloud-based deployment for ease of access, scalability, and reduced IT infrastructure costs.

Hybrid Deployment

Combine on-premise and cloud-based deployment for a customized solution that meets your unique business requirements.


Enhanced Control

On-premise deployment offers complete control over your infrastructure, ensuring compliance and security.


Cloud-based deployment scales seamlessly with your business growth, allowing for easy expansion without the need for additional hardware.


Choose the deployment option that aligns with your budget and resource availability, optimizing your IT spending.

Use Cases

On-Premise Deployment

Ideal for organizations with strict compliance requirements or sensitive data handling needs.

Cloud-Based Deployment

Suited for businesses looking for agility, scalability, and reduced IT overhead.

Customer Testimonials

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