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DocStar & Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC:
The Ultimate AP Automation Solution

Tailored for Dynamics 365 Business Central Users

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Is Manual AP Processing Holding You Back?

If your AP team is overwhelmed by manual, repetitive tasks, DocStar has the solution.

We provide intelligent data capture, advanced workflows, and a seamless integration

to automate your AP processes in Dynamics 365 BC.

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Why Choose DocStar for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC?

  • Boost productivity: Redirect your team’s focus from mundane tasks to higher-value goals.
  • Slash costs: Reduce your per-invoice processing costs and elevate your bottom line.
  • Never miss a deadline: Say goodbye to late payments with automated processing.
  • Approve on the Go: Access and approve invoices anytime, anywhere.
  • Complete Visibility: Gain total control and oversight of your AP processes.
  • Effective Vendor Management: Enhance vendor setup and streamline interactions.



Key Features

Two-Way and Three-Way Match

Streamline your invoice processing by effortlessly integrating invoices from various sources. Our advanced system ensures accuracy and efficiency.

  • Automated routing for workflow approvals.
  • Reduces document discrepancies.
  • Accelerates the invoice approval process.

Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)

Harness the power of cutting-edge intelligent data capture including OCR technology and machine learning to recognize and extract vital document information instantly.

  • Minimizes manual data entry.
  • Achieves high levels of automation accuracy.
  • Efficiently processes a high volume of documents.

Advanced Workflow

Empower your AP operations with a robust, yet user-friendly workflow engine. Experience technology that simplifies rather than complicates.

  • Streamlines approval processes.
  • Graphical workflow designer for easy customization.
  • Touchless document handling.

Maintain Compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory challenges with DocStar. Ensure your organization’s financial accounting documents meet your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) goals.

  • Automated records retention ensures file safety.
  • Comprehensive audit trails for all activities.
  • Guarantee file integrity with time-stamped images.

Improve Vendor Relations

Enhance vendor interactions with rapid response times and easy access to all necessary documents. Build more robust and efficient partnerships.

  • Instant document retrieval for quick vendor communication.
  • 100% visibility of in-process invoices
  • Eliminate paper use and increase efficiency.
  • Boost vendor trust and satisfaction.

Streamline Reviews

Revolutionize document reviews with integrated alerts and seamless approvals, ensuring no invoice goes unchecked.

  • One-click approval stamps for quick processing.
  • Email alerts to keep all stakeholders informed.
  • Seamless integration with Dynamics BC for document filing and retrieval.

Seamless Implementation in a Few Steps


We don’t just provide software. We offer a complete AP automation solution. With pre-built document management workflows, we customize according to your approval structures, customers, and PO approvers. The result is a user-friendly system ready to go, with no heavy lifting on your end.

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See the powerful synergy between DocStar and Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC, showcasing how seamless integration enhances document management and data efficiency in your ERP system.

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Embrace a Cloud-First Approach

Adopt a cloud-first strategy with DocStar’s SaaS platform. Our low-code/no-code solution ensures seamless deployment and reduced maintenance without the tie-in of expensive on-premises software.


A Future-Proof Solution

DocStar is a versatile platform offering more than just AP automation.

  • Manage HR documentation, facilities management records, and other departmental use cases over time.
  • DocStar’s upgrade resilience ensures your customizations and workflows remain intact whenever the platform is updated.
  • Use Epicor Automation Studio to seamlessly integrate DocStar with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. Our intelligent tool supports connections to over 1,000 applications and databases.

Join the Future of AP Automation with DocStar and Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC.
Transform your AP processes with the ultimate AP automation solution.

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