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Accounts Payable Automation Solutions

What level of DocStar ECM AP Automation is right for you?

Depending on the size of your organization and the number of invoices you process monthly, you may need basic automation to capture, store and easily retrieve invoices or you may need full automation with Intelligent Data Capture and ERP/accounting software integration.

Every level of AP automation offers benefits to your team and cost savings for your company. View our checklist below to see what level of automation is right for you.

DocStar ECM for AP
Basic AP Automation
<1,000 Invoices/month
All the DocStar ECM features with a powerful AP Workflow Engine.
Automated Capture + OCR
Powerful Search
Audit Trail
AP Workflow Engine
Dashboards and Reporting
Native Web-Based App
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DocStar ECM for AP Interactive
AP Automation + ERP Integration
Adds Powerful ERP Software Connector. Supports Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Epicor, Oracle, SAP, Quickbooks, Infor and others.
AP features plus...
One Click ERP Retrieval
Invoice-Matching Workflow
Full 2-Way API
Automatically Push to ERP
Real-Time ERP Data Access
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DocStar ECM Smart AP
Maximum AP Automation
>1,000 Invoices/month
Adds Automated Invoice Data Extraction for Full Automation.
AP Interactive features plus...
Automated Form Recognition
Automated Invoice Separation
Automated Data Extraction
One-Click Batch Validation
Custom Calculations
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DocStar ECM for
DocStar ECM for
AP Interactive
DocStar ECM for
Smart AP
Simple & Intuitive User Interface ?

Users save time by efficiently navigating from one function to the next.

Yes Yes Yes
Automated Capture from Multiple Sources ?

Regardless of whether vendor invoices arrive electronically or in paper form, all can be managed within DocStar ECM.

Yes Yes Yes
Supports All File Types ?

Manage virtually any company document from PDFs to TIFFs, JPEGs, CAD files, audio and video, office docs., etc.

Yes Yes Yes
Leverage Existing Infrastructure ?

Cloud or on-premises, with existing server hardware and scanning devices

Yes Yes Yes
Document Lifecycle Management ?

Set retention periods based on document types. Saves time compared to manually tracking. Reduces liability.

Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Audit Trail ?

Track every action taken on a document or user account. Enhances security and reduces liability.

Yes Yes Yes
Powerful Search ?

Instant accessibility to your documents through “Google-like” search capability or multi-field search to narrow results.

Yes Yes Yes
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) ?

Eliminate manual data entry of text into data entry fields

Yes Yes Yes
Routing & Approval Workflow ?

Eliminate “blind spots” when invoices are sent out for approval, speed up the approval process

Yes Yes Yes
Purchase Requisition Workflow ?

Electronically complete and route requisitions for approval prior to creating a purchase order.

Yes Yes Yes
Travel & Expense Form Workflow ?

Remote employees can log in and complete an expense reimbursement form and can attach receipts.

Yes Yes Yes
Graphical Workflow Designer ?

Easy-to-use “drag and drop” workflow designer empowers you to do your own edits and customizations without programming or scripting.

Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate Invoice Checking ?

Eliminate the risk and excess cost of paying an invoice more than once.

Yes Yes Yes
Business Rule Enforcement ?

Automatically maintain consistency and adherence to process while reducing burden on staff to “remember” all the rules.

Yes Yes Yes
LDAP/Active Directory Integration ?

Each document is assigned to the appropriate security class with access available only to those with rights.

Yes Yes Yes
Report Designer ?

Edit or create your own reports right within the system.

Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Defined AP Reports ?

Pre-built AP reports to use as-is or modifiable to suit your needs.

Yes Yes Yes
Drilldown Reports ?

Real-time access to productivity and throughput data, and month-end close G/L entry support.

Yes Yes Yes
Productivity Reports ?

Manage productivity and eliminate bottlenecks in your process.

Yes Yes Yes
Graphical Dashboards ?

Real-time access to consolidated view of multiple metrics pertinent to your needs and requirements in easy to read graphical displays.

Yes Yes Yes
Live & Recorded Training Videos ?

Users become proficient quickly, helping you save money rapidly with enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Yes Yes Yes
On-Demand Context Sensitive Help ?

Shortens the training cycle and speeds up the ramp-up time.

Yes Yes Yes
On-Demand 'Step-By-Step' Inline Guided Help ?

Focused ‘show me how’ guidance while using the system, specific task oriented training increases productivity rapidly.

Yes Yes Yes
Administration & Customization Tools ?

Lowers long-term total cost of ownership by handling all administration and additional customization in-house.

Yes Yes Yes
Multi Site/Database Deployment Options ?

True multi-tenant/multi-database architecture for stability and scalability.

Yes Yes Yes
Native Web-Based Application ?

Built on state of the art hosted application technology for easy maintenance and updates.

Yes Yes Yes
Access Via Web Browser ?

Quick access from any web browser and easy maintenance; No client software to install.

Yes Yes Yes
Access Via Mobile Device ?

Mobile access for remote workers or frequent travelers.

Yes Yes Yes
One Click ERP-Integrated Retrieval ?

Fast and focused document retrieval based on context sensitive information in the ERP window.

No Yes Yes
Customizable Invoice Matching Workflow ?

Eliminate “stare & compare” verification of invoice vs PO & Receipt data w/automated real-time ERP validation (or multiple system validation).

No Yes Yes
Full 2-Way API ?

Save time and improve accuracy by eliminating manual data entry, also enable live lookups for data validation.

No Yes Yes
Push AP Invoice Data to ERP Automatically ?

Eliminate time consuming double data entry and human error with manual keystrokes.

No Yes Yes
Real-Time ERP Data Access ?

Saves time and improves accuracy by automatically leveraging related metadata that exists in an existing data source.

No Yes Yes
Automated Forms Recognition ?

Incorporates “self learning” technology to automatically recognize distinct vendor invoices.

No No Yes
Automated Invoice Separation ?

Advanced recognition technology separates distinct invoices from within a batch scan or import of multiple invoices in one file.

No No Yes
Automated Invoice Data Extraction ?

Data extraction technology identifies key index fields and automatically captures distinct information from invoices.

No No Yes
Automated Vendor Based Routing ?

Advanced recognition and routing technology identify “Vendor” from invoice for special routing.

No No Yes
Automated Entity/Company Routing ?

Advanced recognition and routing technology identify “target entity” from “Ship To” or other information on invoice for special routing.

No No Yes
One-Click Batch Validation ?

Automatic “jump to” validation on specific invoices allows your team to validate only items specifically needing their attention.

No No Yes
Custom Calculations & Validations ?

Expand your validations to include any special calculations or validations needed, such as Use Tax calculation and verification.

No No Yes