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Let's Ignite Digital Transformation Together

Maximize Your Revenue Potential

Incentivizing Prosperity

Participate in the DocStar Partner Precious Metals Program, unlocking exclusive benefits that increase as you advance upward in the program.

Steady Revenue Streams

Receive payment for the full duration of the contract, ensuring a steady and predictable recurring revenue stream for your business.

Quota Relief Advantage

Gain flexibility with quota relief valued across the total contract term.

Compensation Security

Enjoy consistent and reliable partner compensation throughout the entire contract term, ensuring ongoing success.

Enhanced Profit Margins

Elevate your profitability with an increased gross profit margin to 35% by taking on the first line of support for SaaS Deployments.

Market Leadership

Stand out in an unsaturated market, enjoying a competitive edge with exclusive opportunities and reduced competition among resellers.

Choose a program that fits best with your business

Value-Added Reseller

Empower your clients with cutting-edge content
and process automation solutions

Key Benefits

Referral Partner

Earn rewards while connecting businesses
with transformative solutions

Key Benefits

Enjoy Seamless Onboarding

Effortless Entry

Enjoy a smooth start with the DocStar Partner Program with waived onboarding training fees, kickstarting your journey towards success.

Hands-on Expertise

Elevate your skills with live, one-to-one technical training and certification, provided at no additional cost—a $5,000 retail value to empower your success.

Explore without Limits

Dive into the DocStar Partner Program with free access to demonstration software, a valuable resource with no licensing or associated fees, enabling you to effortlessly showcase our solutions.

A Complete Program to Drive Your Success


Your secure technical site designed for software downloads, product information, support, eLearning, and more.

Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Access financial resources to fuel your marketing campaigns, events, and promotional activities. Leverage MDF to elevate your brand presence, generate leads, and drive customer engagement.

Dedicated Partner Portal

Gain exclusive access to our dedicated Partner Portal, your centralized hub for valuable resources and information designed to streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and facilitate your success.

Dedicated Line of Support

Experience unparalleled support with our dedicated Line of Support, providing direct access to our expert support team and prompt assistance for your queries and technical challenges in delivering superior service to your customers.

Partner Advisory Council

Join our Partner Advisory Council and actively participate in strat scussions, providing valuable perspectives that influences program enhancements, innovations, and the future of Docstar.

Become a Value-added Reseller

Become a Referral Partner