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The Business Case for DocStar

Nucleus interviewed customers of DocStar’s enterprise content management solution, to examine the primary benefits of the solution and future plans to drive incremental value from the platform. Organizations that deployed DocStar experienced significant time savings, reduced errors, paper cost savings, and visibility improvements across processes such as procurement, invoicing, and document management and retention. Overall, Nucleus found that customers improved workflow efficiency by an average of 35 percent. As organizations increasingly seek to re-assess the value of their technology solutions over time, DocStar is well-positioned to thrive due to its proactive attention to customer needs, strong support, and frequent investments in cutting-edge content management and process automation functionality enhancements.

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Integrated with virtually every ERP, accounting, HRIS, and other line of business application


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The Document Management Features You Need

Without the Complexity of High Cost

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AP Automation

Make AP processing easy and 100% electronic with a 360° view of all accounts payable data.

HR Documents

Spend more time managing your personnel, not your HR documents. Automatically, quickly and securely.

Sales Order Automation

Streamline sales order entry by automating processes and eliminating manual order entry errors.

Document Management

Build custom workflows to effortlessly move any kind of content to the right place.