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Dealerships often grapple with the frustration of missing Repair Orders and check information, a challenge that significantly impacts the efficiency of service and accounting managers. Without accurate and timely data, these crucial personnel face delays in processing transactions, tracking inventory, and managing finances, leading to operational bottlenecks and potential revenue loss. Moreover, the manual process of daily report generation adds another layer of complexity, consuming valuable time and resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. Additionally, the cumbersome task of filing reports compounds the problem, further impeding workflow efficiency and hindering productivity.

In this webinar, discover how Bram and other auto dealerships have revolutionized their approach to meet warranty compliance, leading to significant time savings and increased profits.

Hear firsthand from Marco Sorgi, IT Director at Bram Auto Group, as he shares their journey to achieving audit compliance, securing full compensation, and attaining an impressive 50% ROI through enhanced profitability, reduced overhead, and transformative business practices.

We discuss and demo:

  • Audit Compliance: DocStar’s nightly reports detail documents that have not been scanned, helping to ensure proper documentation is present for audits.
  • Reduce Administration Time: How DocStar leverages CDK data allowing documents to be indexed and searchable by multiple elements like VIN, L8VIN, RO number, make, model and more.
  • Increase Customer Facing Time: DocStar features a distinctive automated filing process allowing employees to focus where it’s more valuable.
  • And much more.


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