Insurance Document Management Software

Affordable Document Management for the Insurance Industry is Our Policy

DocStar ECM is a total solution for your insurance agency that scans, stores and retrieves your paper documents with ease and simplicity. Implementing insurance document management allows your agency to save space, time and money. Never again worry that your documents are misplaced or lost.

Insurance Document Management Benefits

  • DocStar partners with leading agency management systems to provide seamless integration
  • Easy to use and implement; easy to customize workflows to fit your operation
  • Retrieve documents by keyword—it’s like having Google for your files!
  • Print, fax, or e-mail any document
  • Maintain audit trails and guarantee legal compliance
  • Enhance best practices for consistent handling of documents

DocStar ECM for Insurance Agencies

DocStar ECM delivers streamlined, intelligent insurance submissions to dramatically increase productivity and ensure that the final package is consistent and complete.

  • Protect your business with our easy marketing renewal process
  • Deliver the most competitive quotes ahead of the competition
  • Enhance your image with timely and complete submission packages
  • Increase employee productivity while reducing errors and omissions
  • Save time, space and money with our automated electronic system

Insurance Agency Management Integrations

DocStar partners with leading agency management systems to provide seamless integration while keeping your documents safe and accessible. Even if your management system is down, DocStar ECM is available. If you move to another agency management system, your documents and content will move with you.


“We have been e-filing policies, endorsements, claims, and other documents with DocStar ECM for seven years, and we have been a Sagitta Browser user for three years.

With our integration, e-filing is easier and less prone to human error. Retrieving a document takes two clicks of a mouse.”

- Andrew Wise, Adirondack Trust Insurance


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