Document Management Software Features and Benefits


Intelligent Data Capture

 Capture documents from virtually any input device in any location.

✔ Centralized storage accessible from widely distributed locations.
✔ Easily import/save documents from applications and file systems.
✔ Automated indexing – Advanced OCR, Barcodes, Regex Pattern matching, formatting.
✔ Embedded Browser based high volume scanning.
✔ Smart Text extraction and evaluation of data from content.

Document Management Workflow

Easily create and edit content driven workflows using a drag and drop technology

✔ Create custom rules to process and route content for approval.
✔ Distribute items automatically based on business conditions.
✔ Receive real-time notification of workflow alerts and information.
✔ Monitor progress through the workflow dashboard.
✔ Complement existing business applications and technologies.

version control for document management

Track document versions through multiple revisions

✔ Work collaboratively with multiple editors.
✔ Audit trail for all revisions – editors, order of changes and record of saved versions.
✔ Assign user access and document “states” for secure editing.
✔ Store unlimited number of revisions.
✔ Latest version clearly identifiable.
✔ Create historical record of changes made with comments.

Fast Retrieval in document management software systems

Retrieval has never been easier with powerful context searching.

✔ Automatically perform the most commonly used searches (text, field, annotation and name) from a Google-style toolbar.
✔ Use simplified auto-complete or structured Boolean search.
✔ Search the contents of the entire repository in seconds.
✔ Using “Fuzzy” searches easily locate documents that sound similar.

cloud document management software system

Cloud-based content driven process automation and collaboration provides secure and reliable service.

✔ Rid your organization of upfront costs associated with its servers.
✔ Easily access and update information wherever you are, rather than having to run back to the office.

mobile document management software

Workflow-enable your smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

✔ Instantly access key information.
✔ Participate in content workflows.
✔ Extend collaboration to users on the go.

secure document management software

Granular permission settings in documents, inboxes, folders, workflows, and retention policies meet or exceed compliance requirements.

✔ Grant access to documents based on user permissions.
✔ Organize all enterprise information in a secure, central repository.
✔ Utilize Audit Trails to meet compliance requirements.
✔ Protect your data with secure encryption.
✔ Deliver a Single Sign On experience through Active Directory/LDAP integration.

Document Retention

Easily apply and automatically enforce document retention policies.

✔ Set document disposition to auto-destroy or place in review folder.
✔ Easily and instantly apply document freezes when necessary.
✔ Save time while easily complying with legal or organizational retention requirements.



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