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Intelligent Data Capture

Cloud or On-Premises

Immediate Document Capture - Any Format, Anywhere

DocStar IDC (Intelligent Data Capture) eliminates labor-intensive, error-prone and time-consuming manual document processing. Easy to use and configure, DocStar IDC is integrated with DocStar ECM to simplify data capture for content management and business process automation.

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DocStar IDC provides multiple document import options: direct connect scanners, multi function devices both local and remote, watched network folders, and automatic email support.


Patented document classification engine utilizing neural networks and artificial intelligence will automatically classify and separate your documents from supporting documents eliminating the manual separation of these documents.


IDC automatically finds key data fields for defined document types and learns new formats by using custom machine-learning algorithms or quick on-the-fly user-guided teaching without endless hours of building templates. This allows for fast setup of new document formats.


During capture and data extraction DocStar IDC applies data validation parameters. Extracted data fields can be passed to a database for automatic validation. This ensures higher extraction accuracy.


Easily correct any exception fields that were not extracted properly, such as a poor quality scan, characters touching lines, marks on the document, etc. Documents with no exceptions are never presented.


DocStar IDC submits processed documents to the appropriate DocStar business process automation (BPA) workflow.

  • Capture documents as they arrive – From any scanner, MFD, email, or watched folder
  • Document classification – Automatically sort by utilizing neural networks based on pattern, appearance, and text into specific document classes
  • Reduce manual data entry – 60% to 90% by automatically extracting relevant data fields based on document type whether machine printed, hand printed, barcode, or mark sense
  • Electronically route documents – Easily automate workflows with data-driven business processing
  • Simple implementation – Our unique Auto-Find learns data fields on documents without building templates. Custom machine-learning algorithms allow for fast setup of previously unseen documents
  • Visibility – Reports display documents queued for processing
  • Compliance controls – Apply strict processing and retention controls for regulatory compliance
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