Records Management

Records Management Software

Maintaining compliance with records retention requirements is a top priority in any industry but it is very difficult to implement and manage. DocStar’s records management software is built to be deployed and used quickly and easily so you can get your documents under control. We work with you to develop a records management strategy that will maintain compliance, adhere to retention requirements, litigation and preparedness policies. By automating your records management process you can reduce administrative burden and focus on more value added tasks.

Reduce Regulatory Compliance Anxiety

The DocStar Records Management software aids an organization in its retention and document destruction requirements throughout the entire document life cycle. Create rules to govern storage, retrieval, distribution and destruction of all your digital documents. Users can easily generate reports showing where documents are in their life cycle and what documents are eligible for retention, transfer or destruction. Records Management promotes regulatory compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SEC and other regulations. Ease your compliance concerns with DocStar.

Increased Efficiency & Cost Savings

Reduce document storage demands by purging documents that are suitable for deletion. You also gain instant document access that saves time through reduced labor costs

Features & Benefits:

  • Secure Central Repository
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail Reporting
  • Consistent Records Management Policies
  • Rapid Response to inquiries
  • Automated Document Life Cycle Management