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AP software for managers

Accounts payable software designed to help your team work smarter

You and your team have a lot of responsibilities but time, technology and training are in short supply. Multiple manual touch points cause bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Disparate systems cause duplicate and triplicate data entry, impacting your productivity.

Without the proper technology and workflow processes, you’re burdened with manually processing invoices—which can take days or even weeks—and you know there’s a better way.

DocStar ECM AP Automation is the better way. Empower your team to do more.

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Be the AP hero you know you are

Imagine being able to report to your CFO that your team can process invoices in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks.

Imagine showing your Controller how your department has captured 35% more early pay discounts—or that you’re processing invoices at a cost of $3 per invoice, rather than $30 per invoice—saving your company thousands of dollars every month.

Imagine processing invoices quickly and easily.

With DocStar AP Automation, you no longer have to imagine doing your job more efficiently—you can begin right now.

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More efficient, more effective

Easy to learn, simple to use solution; automated workflow reduces invoice processing time, eliminates data entry errors and increases productivity along every step of your AP workflow.

IDC shows how smart you are

With Intelligent Data Capture invoice data is electronically extracted and categorized, then routed for 2 and 3-way matching and approvals. Manual data entry and entry errors are eliminated.

Being in compliance is a snap

Secure, permission-based access with audit trail make complying with accounting and industry regulations easier. The audit process is more manageable with onsite or remote access to the electronic data.

Powerful integrations make your job easier

Eliminate duplicate data entry by accessing invoices and related documents within your accounting and ERP systems. Export data directly to Excel for even more flexible reporting.

Secure access at any time, from anywhere

Securely review, route, and approve invoices from anywhere, at any time, on any desktop or mobile device to ensure the procure-to-pay process is fast and efficient.

Free up your budget for better investments

Paper, files, staples, paperclips, filing cabinets, printer supplies and storage. It adds up. Invoice processing with DocStar AP Automation helps you to cut costs and increase productivity.

Ease of use, fast invoice processing and better productivity outcomes make DocStar ECM a smart choice

  • “The DocStar system’s flexibility and, more importantly, its ease of use helped drive this growth. There’s virtually no training involved. You set it up, turn it on, and anyone can really figure out how to use it.”

    Stephen Giangiordano, Supervisor of Accounting Service, Mohawk Fine Papers

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  • “DocStar ECM has done exactly what I wanted it to do, and I love that we’re just able to easily expand into so many different areas. We keep finding more material we’re going to be able to put into the system. It’s just amazing.”

    Kim Cooper, Boone Drugs, Accreditation Coordinator

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  • “We were able to reallocate two full time employees who spent all their time filing paper documents. They now spend their time on collections, which is a revenue generator.”

    Mark Noel, Director of Technology, ApolloMD

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